Why do we always look back and reminisce when we need to live in the here and now?


In this episode I discuss the importance of living in the moment and not always trying to remember what went “well” in the past.  Our future is depicted on what we do right here, right now.  Let’s make the changes necessary to live our most complete and best life in this moment.  

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Positivity takes effort .. but it’s worth the effort


In this episode I discuss the importance of setting your day off right and also making sure that you are keeping yourself in check when it comes to mindset and negativity because it is so easy so go that direction.


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Coping with Stress, Dealing with Grief, and adjusting during tough times


In this episode, I discuss the importance of dealing with the issues that you have and not avoiding them.  Create solutions to help them but remember one thing … It’s ok not to be ok.  We are all in this together and let’s use that to our advantage as we are navigating these difficult and strange times.

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#171 We need to redefine what success really is to be successful


In this episode we discuss the importance of pushing aside the societal expectations that we have of what success looks like and create a new definition of what that is for us as we are all different and we have different outcomes from the same actions.  Let me know your thoughts.


#155 Comfort leads to complacency so, get uncomfortable again


In this episode fresh off of my vacation, we discuss the importance of always working toward goals and not letting those “comfortable” times get in the way of the greatness that you so richly deserve.  Dont fall into old habits, if you met your goal, make new ones!

CoffeeTalk Episode 139 – Is being positive realistic?


In this episode we discuss the importance of being positive and believing that you can accomplish the thing that you want to no matter what the circumstance.  Using the “positive realist” mentality knowing that it takes hard work and dedication ALONG with positivity and the right mindset we can accomplish great things.


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CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 129 Thanksgiving


What am I thankful for?  Will I have a plan for theholiday festivities tomorrow?  Will I be mindful?  Will I forgive myself if I am not?  You are worth the reflection and most of all, remember to BREATHE and take it in .. there are many people that are in less fortunate situations that dont have everything we may have.  Be safe everyone