Another interview with Ben Aeby ”Outdoorsman Connoisseur”

In this episode, Ben and I talk more about his outdoor expeditions, his struggle with parenthood and divorce and the task of co-parenting.  I find this one to be not only inspirational to make sure that you go for your dreams even when the universe tells you different and also take everything in every single day.  Dont take anything for granted and open your eyes to accept the beauty.

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Prioritization ….Where are you placing yourself on your list of priorities?

In this episode I discuss the importance of making sure that YOU are a priority and not everything and everyone else around you.  The old adage of “Place your oxygen mask on first” is foreign to a lot of people and this is something that we need to focus on because we cannot help them unless we have helped ourselves.  Recharge your batteries, Replenish your depleted mind/heart.

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Have you set your New years goals too high?

In this “return to the recording” episode, I discuss the importance of making sure that we are setting ourselves up for success when it comes to the New Year.  We also discuss the importance of having a backup plan in case those first goals don’t go as planned.

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Thank you for those that have been waiting for another episode, I am excited to get right back in.

The tough times we go through now are preparing us for great times in the future

In this episode I discuss the state of the world and how hard that it is right now for a lot of people and the backwards direction we are headed as a society but also to remember that the difficult times that we go through are meant to prepare us and groom us for the great things that we are destined to become.  It may seem difficult, but we are learning and growing each day.

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Also if you need help the suicide hotline is 800-273-8255

Don’t lose sight of your dreams based on others opinions

In this episode I look into the story of Silvester Stallone and overcoming adversity in life and believing in himself despite adversity and obstacles.  This inspirational story is one we ALL can lean into to live our lives and be who we are meant to be.

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Make sure you give your roots room to grow

In this episode we discuss the importance of removing the limitations that you have on yourself and the negative walls that you build.  If we give ourselves the room for expansion and the room to spread our wings, then the sky is the limit.

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Interview with Danielle Claudio, CEO of Spreadthecheerusa

In this interview, we discuss doing good for others, giving back and Danielle’s personal drive to do what is right and give back during a tough time in her life.  This was a great interview and appreciated Danielle’s time she gave to us to hear about her amazing organization.

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Love yourself month and change your lens that you are looking through

In this episode, I discuss the importance of loving yourself and the importance of not beating yourself up all the time.  In the month of February, we discuss Valentines and how it can be all about loving someone else but rather focusing on loving one’s self.  Also discussed the importance of changing your lens when you feel like your life is not in a good place.  It probably isn’t as bad as you portray it.


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If you are thinking it, Say It … before it’s too late

In this episode we talk about the importance of stating your truth to people that you care about.  Before you know it, they could be gone and then we live a lif of regret because we never told them how we were feeling.  SO, if you feel it, say it.  


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