People ask me what I do … I answer “Whatever it takes”

March 6th, 2019 #coffeetalk

Mmm mmm good just like the coffee commercials as I am sipping my cuppa dark roast on this frigid and freezing March morning. Like the sip where the eyes are closed and the long “aaaaahhhhhhhh” at the end of it is happening this morning.

Now as I was looking for some visuals for CoffeeTalk this morning, I stumbled on this oldie but goodie classic and it resonated with me this morning.

Whatever your goals are .. weight loss .. professional stature .. financial wellness .. peace and harmony .. health and fitness .. it is great to sit back and map things out and give you guidelines and how to manage it but at the end of the day, you don’t get much further toward your goals unless you get uncomfortable and do whatever it takes every day. If you want it, GO and GET IT.

We hem and haw over ideas and apprehensions and nervousness and impatience when we really should be jumping in head first into the pool and going for our dreams and goals.

You deserve it. You have earned the right to dedicate yourself to YOU.

Not every day is an ALL IN kind of day and i get that but, even those days you can be moving the needle toward your goals … just a little bit slower on those days.

You are worth being uncomfortable, you’re worth taking risks, and you are worth investing that time and energy into YOU.

Much Love, Shano

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