Smile during the struggle … you are learning.


April 30th, 2018 #coffeetalk

Good morning to all of you out there fighting the good fight and getting after it.  I have my cup of joe in the yeti, and am gonna be jetsetting down south for work today. 

I wanted to reach out to everyone this morning to talk about the struggle that many of us go through, have gone through or will go through in this journey.  

The struggle is different to most people and affects people in many different ways. Struggle can be weight gains, personal drama, tough situations or whatever it is that makes this journey bumpy and rough but here is something to think about. 

Do you love the struggle? Do you use the struggle to motivate you?  I tend to look at my struggles as my identity in my life.  I think of struggles as a map of the peaks and valleys my life takes. Struggles are like pages of my book that I am writing about my life. I tend to find that I embrace my struggles now. 

If you are struggling … use the struggle as a learning opportunity, use it as a motivator and as a benchmark to show how you can survive anything sent and thrown at you. 

We tend to look at struggle as something that tears us down and beats us up but we really should be looking at it as a building block to help us be stronger, more empowered, and able to move forward and be successful. 

Smile during the struggle folks … we are still living and breathing and have people that love us out there. 

Have a great day. 

Much Love, Shano

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