CoffeeTalk with Liquidshano1973 PODCAST …. follow and sign up!!


To all the folks that have not heard quite yet, I have a Podcast that is very similar to the blog and the #Coffeetalk entries but in more audio form.  It is really starting to take off and I love every single thing about it.  So here is my ask, if you enjoy reading some of the things that I have to write, give the audio versions of it a try as well.

You can get to the podcast a couple of ways, One is through the android platform downloading an application called PodBean and then subscribe to the podcast using this link:  Podbean app (android):

You can also get there by opening up your iTunes on your apple devices and going into podcasts and searching for the CoffeeTalk with Liquidshano1973 …. podcast.  Or you can always click here on this link as well.  Podcast Apple iTunes:

Please check it out and sign up and subscribe …. and spread the word about it .. I love doing it and would love to see success and a wider audience from it!!

Thanks, as always, for all the support!!


6 thoughts on “CoffeeTalk with Liquidshano1973 PODCAST …. follow and sign up!!

  1. I listen to your podcasts on Podbean all the time. Love them! Especially when I can listen on my way to work. They help me start the day right.

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