What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


February 9th, 2018 #coffeetalk

Good morning all my favorite people out there working hard, hitting goals, living dreams and trying to make it to the weekend!! I am having a relaxing Friday morning with my cuppa dark roast with a splash of my trusty sugar free sweet Italian cream creamer that is amazing.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? I am sure that you have but have really layered it in with big events in your life or catastrophic situations that seemed like the world was going to end but …. this is relevant to all of our journeys and I felt that the image I attached sums it up very nicely.

Everything we go through in life is a lesson learned. Every day that we are fighting the good fight we are building our arsenal for a long and prosperous life. Every moment that we are faced with uncertainty and strife we are reinforcing our roots.

Think about it … if you don’t want to go to the gym and you are hemming and hawing and making excuses about it and then you go and when you are done you feel euphoric and energized never regretting the fact that you went. (This is a learning). How about when you are frustrated that you have to count calories or points when you are going to a party and you just want to let loose but you end up making mindful decisions and afterwards you feel like a rockstar (This is a learning). How about being at work and having cupcakes and cookies being shoved your way but you stay vigilant and strong and are super proud of your small achievement (This is a learning)

You are learning through trials and tribulations or little mini storms and how you come out of it and learn from successes AND mistakes is how strong you will be moving forward.

Have a kickass Friday folks.

Much Love, Shano

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