Ignore the noise and DO YOUR JOB


January 31st, 2018 #coffeetalk

Good morning everyone. I am here with my yeti filled up with some rich and dark roast ready to take on this Wednesday like it’s nobody’s business. I hope you are having a great morning.

I was listening to a talk radio show yesterday and they were discussing the upcoming Super Bowl and how teams and players and champions have the ability to tune out the noise and ignore the negative fodder that comes with being a champion. With distractions like accusations, speculation and just the animosity of being a winner you would think it would be tough to keep focused and vigilant.

This is no different with us .. and out health journey whether we are in week one or week one thousand … whether we are in losing phase or maintenance phase of our journeys there are always distractions, accusations, jealousy, roadblocks, and haters that will try to derail you and your success.

One of the things that sports teams do well is focus on the task at hand when times get tough. Do your job and focus on your job … tune out the noise. Second is they keep their why close to them so whether it is winning their first championship or their sixth … they have personal goals and aspirations they they keep in their sights. Third is to know who they truly are and stay grounded and humble one person is not greater than the rest.

All of these are are completely applicable to our journey. Read the words above with the team goals and see if you can relate to your journey … stay focused, keep your why close, do your job and work at being the best you can be, they are all relatable … especially tuning out the noise. YOU DO YOU … forget about what joe shmo is doing … you focus on what works for you.

Have a great day and …. GO PATS. 🙂
Much Love, Shano

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