Organization and Focus


January 24th 2018 #coffeetalk

Top ‘o the morning to all you fine lookin’ hard workin’ healthier eatin’ peeps out there! I am kicking my day off right with a tall mug o’ joe and am ready.

I had an epiphany yesterday as I entered my sons room to grab his laundry when I saw this “organizational” shelf that he and his grandmother built for his room.

I asked him about it and why he built it and he said it was because he felt more “in control” when he knows where his stuff is and where to get it. I must have had bells ringing in my head so loud that it sounded like a church.

Do we need to take note from this 12 year old frigging genius? Do we set ourselves up for success by organizing the stuff we need control of? Do we prep enough? Do we plan meals at restaurants? Do we line up our schedule to make sure we get out gym time? Do we place personal time in our calendars to make sure that we are spending time with the family away from phones and work?

Organization is probably the number one area that most business people lack in (along with time management) and I help business owners get focused on their time and money so why can’t I do it more with my health journey?

I am not saying everything has to be organized or you fail, I am saying to make sure that you are putting things in place to just be better … make small adjustments and tweaks and get organized and focused … I know if my preteen can do it, so can I.

Have a great day.

Much Love, Shano

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2 thoughts on “Organization and Focus

  1. Yaaassss! I need organization in my life or else I’m overwhelmed which in turn causes stress and then snowballs into bad choices. One of the most important tools for success, in my opinion. Thanks for your posts. I find Coffeetalk is very important to me, too 😊😉

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