Don’t let the weekend be your “weak end”


January 19th 2018 #coffeetalk

Good morning to all of you beautiful peeps out there in the land of mouse clicks and screenshots. I am here with my piping hot dark roast that is given a little Love with a splash of the sugar free sweet Italian cream creamer that is amazing.

Ok so, i saw this posted on a friends FB page this morning and I wanted to share a perspective that I have been thinking about a lot lately and probably can relate to everyone here.

As much as we love the weekend, we usually let it become our “weak end” and fall off the rails if anything due to parties, get togethers, shindigs, football, family meals in cold months, or just whatever. It is probably one of the biggest things I read and hear … why do I do so well during the week and the weekend always creeps up on me?

Well the most simple answer is … because you allow it but the most interesting answer would be because you invite it. Let me explain, we have, for years and years always had the image of running out of work on a Friday to let loose and party!! We have always looked forward to it because it was not work and able to relax and enjoy the time. I know that I, being the food addict that I am, usually had the mentality that it is a party and I can let loose. This is one of the things I had to stop … although i can still live my life and annoy myself when I need to, I needed to reframe the way I thought of the weekend.

I now think of it as any other day and focus on making smart decisions and remembering that my body has NO IDEA it is the weekend and I should treat it likewise to help in my success.

Hope that helps reframe things a bit like I have to do with myself often.

Have a great day.

Much Love, Shano

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