One Word.


January 8th 2018 #coffeetalk

Good morning to all of you I hope you are in a warm and cozy place this morning like I am with my cuppa dark roast with a splash of sugar free sweet Italian creamer to give it some rich flavor and texture. This is my go to stuff especially for a Monday morning.

You know i was reading comments on CoffeeTalk last night and reflecting and I saw this photo this morning and I feel as if it was meant to be.

Earlier this weekend, someone posted that they were inspired by my CoffeeTalk
At the beginning of 2017 because I asked everyone to 1. List one word to describe 2016 and 2. List one word to describe what 2017 will be.

This is not a resolution but rather a one word path to make you think of where you want to be at the years end.

So, let’s do it again. Type in the comments or on a separate post your one word to describe 2017 and one word that will describe your upcoming year.

You see this isn’t about a number but about a feeling, a characteristic, a descriptor and can help be a guide throughout the year so, after you type it hear, write it down and tape it somewhere you can see it and use it as a compass.

I can’t wait to see some of your responses!!

Have a great day.

Much love, Shano

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