It might be time to pivot, even when we are succeeding.

9082DAFD-53EC-4F95-8AA4-FC930574D79FOctober 11th, 2017 #coffeetalk

Top of the morning to all of you today … I am coming to you with a cuppa dark roast in tow and mind on straight to take on the day and make some things happen today.

Yesterday I was watching something on the tube and saw a show about a team that was winning and consistently achieving winning seasons year after year but never winning the championship (always a bridesmaid feeling) and the dilemma was … how do we talk to the team about changing the way they do things even though they are winning most of the time … just not when it really counts.

I was thinking about our journey and what we are doing. No matter how successful we are in this journey and no matter how much we succeed, we always need pivot points to change it up. Now, this may contrast things that you hear from some people about creating consistency and building habits but, you always need to keep the body and the mind fresh … complacency breeds laziness … laziness breeds bad habits and bad habits are hard to break once they are entrenched.

So, think about little things you could do differently today to change what normally happens. It doesn’t have to be monumental or huge just some adjustments to the routine or changes to the daily grind.

Think of it like a workout regimen and if you continue to work out the same muscles every day, your body will figure it out and plateaus will happen so you always have to keep it guessin’

Much Love, Shane

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One thought on “It might be time to pivot, even when we are succeeding.

  1. It’s so appropriate that you say this today. Yesterday I switched to Simply Filling because I needed a change. Been playing with 0.2 pounds for 5 weeks and I’ve learned how to maintain! But still have 5 sticky pounds to go.
    Thanks, as always, for your timely messages!

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