Part two of the reflective assignment from yesterday. How powerful were all of the words that were listed?

Be_Who_You_AreOctober 5th, 2017 #coffeetalk

Top of this Thursday morning to all of you and those that you love and care about. We need to keep spreading the love and the care in the world to set us back on the right path. I have my cup of joe in tow and I am ready to take on the world.

The main reason I am so ready is mostly because of the AMAZING and INCREDIBLE response that we got from yesterdays #coffeetalk where we typed in and wrote down the first thing that we thought of when we thought about ourselves.

Folks this coffeetalk is just an add-on and call to action that if you haven’t seen yesterdays coffeetalk, go through it and read all the comments, the words, the reflections and the powerful powerful messages that people have left there. And if you haven’t done it, please do today .. it is important to self-reflect and look at where we have been and how we are feeling to set ourselves up for success moving forward.

Thanks for all the comments so far and look forward to more today.

When you see words like resilient, dedicated, focused, enough, reflective, determined etc… it motivates me to be better.

Much Love, Shane

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