If I don’t live my life in moderation and balance, my good behaviors don’t last.

September 28, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good morning everyone I hope your Thursday is a great one as I start mine looking at the squirrels playing in my yard this morning as we have been experiencing these 90 degree days lately and they are freaking out :). I have my coffee in hand and am ready.

Today’s topic is about moderation. My entire life I have been an all or nothing kind of person. The type of person that if I had a pizza in front of me I would eat the entire thing in no time, or if I was starting to lift weights again I was all in 7 Days a week overdoing it and killing myself, or I was a starve myself and get into dieting and living in the world of deprivation rather than balance.

I have found that for me to be successful, I need moderation and not extremism or deprivation. I need sustainability in my life rather than a quick fix. I need something that I know if I binge or make a unhealthier decision, that I will be ok tomorrow.

This is what is working for me this time. I have even tried WW a bunch of times before and went full boar and dove right in “ALL IN STYLE” and it didn’t last, I fizzled put because of boredom or because of that extreme mentality not lasting.

Now I know this approach doesn’t work for everyone but I thought I would share with you because it is working for me. Yeah I might be taking forever with the scale, but I know how much it has impacted my life and my mentality.

Have a great day everyone and stay balanced today, remember to live in moderation except in awesomeness … you can never have enough awesomeness in your life 🙂


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Much Love, Shano

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