Do you let circumstances control your behaviors or do you have a plan to be in control?

September 18, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good Monday morning to all of you fine looking people out there. I am hoping your day is starting as good as mine with my cuppa dark roast and a good night sleep behind me (those are rare these days) so let’s go make things happen.

I was having a conversation with my son yesterday and we were talking about taking responsibility for our actions and not blaming only circumstances but OWNING the situation. We were discussing his reaction to an opponent who was on the field taunting him and making fun of him at his game on Sunday. He lashed out and pushed the kid to the ground but got called for a costly penalty and a coach in his face.

He stated that he was provoked and he was responding to the situation and although I told him to always defend himself in situations that it is completely necessary, he needs to be the bigger and better man and own the situation … be a leader not a follower, don’t let circumstance dictate his actions.

We should treat our journeys the exact same way folks. Think about it … how often do we go off the rails because of a “reason” or because of an “excuse”? How often do we respond to situations with non healthy choices “because I have always done that and I can’t help it”?

We need to take control of the situation and own your actions. Some may say it is easier said than done but if we are focused in the right direction and prioritizing our drama, our circumstances and not reacting to them with unhealthy behaviors than half our issues will be gone. Now I also know I am a food addict and it is harder some days than others but this was my takeaway from my conversation with my son … if I can tell him to be a leader and own his actions … so can I.

Have a great day everyone.

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Much Love, Shano

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8 thoughts on “Do you let circumstances control your behaviors or do you have a plan to be in control?

  1. You are so Right! I’m in a situation at work over which i have no control. I can’t let that derail everything else. I look forward to your coffeetalk while drinking my black coffee. 😁

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  2. Shano, this subject is KEY! And only now, at 52 yrs old, I am learning to think differently due to my WW journey and my therapist. I always say that “I’m no fun anymore because I an choosing not to drink and overindulge like I used to…but the fact is, I am choosing to not feel like crap for 3 days or undo the hard work and effort that o have invested in myself. I’m actually able to communicate my needs with my husband and ,by gosh by golly, he’s coming around to it! Thanks for the awesome post! Enjoy your day 🙂

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  3. Yes, I am always encouraging my friends when things get tough but sometimes I am not able to hold it together. This gave me something to think about. I always have to practice what I preach….so to say. Sometimes that isn’t easy. I have to stop and think before I speak a lot and I have to think before I jump into something. The same with food. I have to track everything or I won’t get the entire picture! Sometimes I think I know what I am doing on my own until I wake up and smell the roses…. I’ve been doing it on my own all my life and it didn’t work…. duh! If I track, it WORKS! Simple….if my emotions don’t get involved. You are so right about that. Thanks Shane for another awesome coffee talk!! Love you

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