Are you prepared for those “temptations” that are coming your way?

IMG_6273September 15, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good morning to all of you amazing and hard working and motivated individuals on this Friday. I hope you have your goals in sight and your good decisions lined up and ready to go. I am chilling here with my cuppa joe and I am motivated to have a great day today.

After yesterday’s coffee talk, it was pretty amazing to see the outpouring and positive and motivational messages that I received after talking about my journey so I appreciated every single one of them and I appreciate every single one of you and thank you for taking the time to make a note or two on my posts and supporting me.

Today I think I want to take a stab at something that I know is a struggle of mine and is probably one of my toughest and most difficult things to overcome and that is temptation. Temptation is something that can come in many forms in life and it rears its ugly head every single chance that is gets in life whether through food, fidelity, health, or whatever it is. Basically temptation is something that has been discussed all the way back in the biblical days and it is something that human beings struggle with.

Why do we struggle with it because there really isn’t anyone telling us not to except the little voices in our heads sometimes. We are looking for someone to maybe slap our hands to tell us no when we are doing something wrong and when you are digging for those cookies when you are alone in the room, nobody is there telling you to verbally stop so we then have to rely on ourselves and our willpower to get through the muck and overcome that temptation. THAT IS HARD.

You have heard many people in the past talking about having a plan B or a backup plan to overcome situations or curb situations to get you to a place that you need to and this is no different when it comes to curbing those urges and temptations … you could bring “curbing snacks” or something to suffice the appetite and create the feeling of fullness or in my case, just stuff something in my mouth to stop the urge and walk away from the situation. The other option is the control option … this is where you are going to have a slice of pie but you are going to take a really small one and track it like a boss to curb the urge.

Many different ways to get into this, and I would love to hear some of yours but be prepared today for the temptations that WILL come your way and be mindful of how you navigate them today … think about them before they get to you rather than seeing how you respond after they occur.

Have a great day.

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Much Love, Shano

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4 thoughts on “Are you prepared for those “temptations” that are coming your way?

  1. Thanks for another great post, Shane. I’ve struggled for years with snacking after dinner in the evening, no matter how late I dine. So, I decided that, rather than constantly trying to battle myself, I’d just make it part of my day. I usually eat a very late breakfast (because I own a bed & breakfast and cook for the guests every morning,) so I rarely eat lunch. I’m not a daytime snacker, but have a substantial and healthy dinner. But, I always save some points for a late evening snack. Usually it’s light greek yogurt with a dollop of whipped topping, sometimes it’s Smartfood Delight Sea Salt popcorn, sometimes it’s even pistachios. This is working for me! I got my 25 lb. charm yesterday after – as my awesome leader said – lots of hard work!! It really helps to learn about yourself and know what it is that you can easily control. Thankfully, Weight Watchers gives us options that make it very easy – as long as we follow the plan!

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  2. I have a #nosurprisefood rule. As a devotee of Gretchen Rubin (“The Happiness Project”, “Better than Before”, “The Four Tendencies”) I recognize that I’m the kind of person for whom saying “no” is actually EASIER than saying “I’ll just have a bite.” (Your mileage may vary, so read her books!).

    I find that the way to avoid temptation is to simply take myself out of the situation. If I want to have a special food, I will plan for it ahead of time. But if someone “surprises” me with a treat, my rule goes into effect and I simply say “No thank you!”

    As I mentioned, I do this NOT because I’m strong, or have willpower, or am great at resisting temptation, but because I’m weak, have no willpower, and cave in quite easily!

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    1. JP as usual, I love your insight here with this … I am in the same boat where I need to walk away for the most part but have learned that it is ok to curb the appetite or craving because if I walk away my mind only thinks about what I have jjust walked away from. What a dilemma


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