Hardships and setbacks should be treated like growth opportunities and learning sessions.

Good morning to all my friends out there working hard and kicking tail and taking names.  I am here with my dark cuppa coffee with a splash of skim milk in it and I am really starting to truly appreciate the flavor and depth of a good cup of joe.

This morning’s coffeetalk is all about setbacks.  How many of us have had these monumental moments in our lives where we felt that the world was caving in on us and the walls were getting closer and closer to us making it hard to breathe at times thinking it will never stop?  I know I have had these moments and they are not fun at all.

When you go through these types of situations and drama, what was your release back in the day or in the past?  I used to eat because of stress or crawl into a ball and not want to come out to see the public when things were happening around me which is half of the reason that I got in trouble with my weight issues in the first place (the other half of the issue was the fact that I am a food addict) so I get it when people feel like setbacks can be overwhelming and negative toward the health journey because we want comfort and solace.

One of the things that I have learned though in my short time of 44 years, I need to make sure that I am mindful of the situation that I am going through no matter how hard the situation is.  If I am going through sadness, how did I cope?  If I am going through anger, how did I get through it?  How was I able to help others or help myself get out of the rut I was feeling and the pain I was going through (this is where journaling is so important because we need to learn from ourselves during tumultuous times along with happy and jovial times)

Dont treat setbacks and hardships as negative things folks.  They hurt while you are going through them and they feel endless but, use them as fuel, use them as knowledge, use them as building a firm foundation under your feet to be able to take on the world with hands and arms wide open.

Also remember this, setbacks are just blips on your life radar and they always pass and we move on, so when you are going through the situation and it seems like it is forever, know there is light at the end of the tunnel and you are worth investing and taking care of yourself.

Have a great day everyone.

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