Remember … smaller goals can lead to your big goals you just need a little patience.

September 11, 2017 #coffeetalk

Hola all my friends and fellow connectites out there across the land as I sit here reflective like I do every time I write that date of 9/11 on anything. I am so thankful I have my cup of coffee today and my health and my well-being and I appreciate it even more on reflective days like today.

Now to talk about goals. Last week in the meetings we heard a lot about SMART goals and being very specific with the things that you want to accomplish and by what time. And I love the concept because it is the space that I play in every day at work with business owners so it makes sense.

But what I wanted to discuss was what kind of smart goals are you setting? You see, the way I see it, if you set your goals too large … although thy are still attainable and “realistic”, you may be secretly setting yourself up for failure. Let me explain, if you set smaller and incremental and bite sized goals, there are three trains of thought with it:

1. These small sized goals are attainable and achievable

2. These small goals can lead to the larger goals you have overall and

3. Why wouldn’t you want to feel like you are accomplishing something along the way .. we need that in our lives .. more successes rather than failures.

Remember if you set the goal too high as in Mount Everest sizes, then you will always feel like it is my Everest but if you set goals for spots of trails along the way eventually you will get to the peak of the mountain … just a little longer.

Have a great day.

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Much Love, Shano

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