Take a look around you and see what is happening … there are a lot of great things out there

Good morning as I am actually sitting here at the local Dunkin Donuts in Calais, Maine drinking my iced cold brew with splenda and a splash of skim milk in it and it divine.  I had to hop out to civilization to make sure that I would be able to get a post out there seeing as how we are definitely in remote area on the lake.


This will be a short and sweet one with the simple advice to stop and look around.  See what is happening around you rather than let itskim by.  If you are working and you are at your desk, look out the window and SEE the birds and the sunshine.  If you are running, SMELL the flowers and the warm air.  If you are at home taking care of chores, APPRECIATE your ability to do those chores.

I have written about this before but as I am spending time with my family at our family camp on the lake, as I see the grandparents aging, my son getting older quickly and my wife and I just passing our 15th wedding anniversary, I need to APPRECIATE all of the things that are around me rather than just let them fly by me.

If I am in the tracking mode of food, calories, weight, workouts etc … I need to just stop for a second and smell some roses and take it in because it is so important to my journey.  I was sitting here on the first day of our family vacation and was worried about my trip to Boston and the impact to my scale numbers and this week being away from my routine, but I need to be mindful, not let the scale define me and enjoy my moment I am in.

I appreciate each and every one of you reading this or listening to me or posting and commenting because you are so important to my journey as well.  Thank you for being you.

Enjoy your moments today.

6 thoughts on “Take a look around you and see what is happening … there are a lot of great things out there

  1. Hi Shane, Enjoy your family time. As you say, this is the only week in August 2017 you will get!
    Make memories, have fun, and be mindful.

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  2. Shane, you and I are about the same distance from goal. In the past few weeks, I decided to take my foot off the gas petal and enjoy the journey. I switched to maintenance after struggling to lose. I realized that there is no finish line. I need to figure out my new goals. Making this my normal. Including all the things I love. Continuing to push outside my comfort zone. Envisioning a new me and busting the myth that I will continue to be big because I’ve always been big. I’ve also taken significant pauses. Take walks after lunch daily (with coworkers and alone). Take my family scootering or exploring in the evening. I feel like a kid again. I can take the stairs because my body doesn’t hurt. I wear comfortable shoes to push myself further. My oh my! Big hugs to you.

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