Do you even know who it is that you are inspiring?

Good morning friends out there!!  I am here with my dark roast in tow and am reflecting on where we been and where we are going this morning as the sun is starting to peek through the cracks of the many trees around my yard.

Yesterday was, as many of you know, #transformationtuesday and it was a day that folks could look at old photos of themselves and new photos of themselves and they can post them on the social media boards and then they might share a little bit of their story in the body of the post.

This serves a few different purposes in this “gettin’ healthy” game that we are all playing. One, it is a way to reflect on how far that you have come in celebration and/or accountability by posting it.  It can act as a great motivator to truly see how far you have navigated this journey especially whenever you are having a crappy day.  Two, it is a way to inspire others that they are not alone and that the possibilities are endless in this game when you persevere and you diligently work on yourself.

Now, here is the part that I was truly reflecting on, when I see those before and afters, I see a lot of people post, “I am not trying to be full of myself” or “because xxx posted this I guess I will follow suit” which is a way to let the action be accepted more but can I say one thing?  EMBRACE your journey!!  Dont let the mental monkeys get in the way of your success and stop you from sharing it with others.  You truly just never know who you are going to inspire with each of those posts.

As a matter of fact, if you inspire one, even JUST ONE, person then you should fire that photo out to the masses folks.  Embrace your trip, stand tall for where you have come, be proud of your accomplishments and even if you don’t “see any differences in the photos” and you are really just starting … who cares.  Embrace it and STAND TALL .. everyone one of us are amazing in our own unique way and when you can inspire another to embrace those flaws, those unique characteristics, those beautiful tendencies, then that is when the magic happens and it makes it all worth it!

Have a great day folks.

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