Recharging your batteries is vital to long term success.

Good morning all of my fellow interwebbians on this beautiful and sunny Sunday morning here in southern Maine.  I have my post vacation coffee in tow with a splash of sweet italian sweet creamer and all if completely right in the world.

As I am sitting here, reflecting on my week that just passed with the family and friends, I have come to realize some pretty important things.  And one of them is the importance and value of refresh and recharge.

How many times have you walked over to your phone about mid way through the day and seen the battery in the corner of the phone in the color yellow or red and you get in the panic mode running for a charger to give your phone a boost to be able to do the things you need it to do?  How many times have we left the phone on the charger longer than it is needed to see if we can fill the battery more than what it is capable of to make sure that it will last as long as we need?

Your need for the phone to last is exactly what we need to do as individuals in this crazy race.  YOU NEED TO LAST.  You need to make sure that you are taking the time to place yourself on a charger and reframe your journey, reframe your thought process and invest in yourself.  You also need to invest in yourself daily in other ways to make sure that you can battle daily with passion and energy finding little victories and successes throughout the day.

This little break that I went off the grid for the most part when it came to work and the things that weigh on me was so needed because it filled my heart with soul food with the family to be able to take on the battle with eyes wide open.

So, remember to take the time necessary, whether it is a ten minute meditation session, a fifteen minute walk in the park, an extra 30 second hug with your loved ones or an extended kiss with your significant other, do what you have to do to make the investment to embrace the journey, embrace the moment and breathe.

Have an amazing day everyone!!


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