What is being mindful exactly?


Good morning my friends, I hope that you are enjoying this Sunday morning before all of the 4th of July festivities and galas ensue.  I am sitting here relaxing with the birds chirping and the sun is peeking through the trees soaking on my garden (which by the way has snow peas and cauliflower popping up now and is very exciting) with my cup of dark roast coffee.  All is right.

Yesterday, I was having a conversation about being “mindful” to someone about this holiday timeframe and the receiving person stated that they felt that it was just a silly “buzz word” and people over use it all the time and I was taken aback because it makes sense for so much in life.  So, in  my #coffeetalk sleuth manner, I needed to investigate the situation.

The definition itself is pretty basic and it is being conscious or being aware of something.  That didn’t cut it for me but I read some articles and some blogs and found this quote to best summarize the term mindfulness “It’s the awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally,”  …. Paying attention … ON PURPOSE.  This is a perfect example of being mindful and being aware not just because it is convenient but rather ON PURPOSE to make sure that you are in THAT moment at THAT time.

I thought this quote from Ariana Huffington did a pretty good job explaining it as well “In our culture of overwork, burnout, and exhaustion, in which we’re connected and distracted 24/7 from most things that are truly important in our lives, how do we tap into our creativity, our wisdom, our capacity for wonder, our well-being and our ability to connect with what we really value?”

Oh man now that is some gold right there and is so relatable to our journey.  Do we really tap into our creativity the way we should?  Do we focus on our true well-being enough or are we just fixated on the scale?  Do we reallllly lean in on what we really value and make it a priority?

Think about this over the weekend … I don’t think mindfulness is just being aware of what you are eating or the calories that you are taking in, it is more about being in the moment, savoring the flavor, being creative, breathing in and closing your eyes to take a mental snapshot of your moment that you sit in right then.

I hope that helps you as much as it helped me today in preparation for the upcoming holiday (and my impending vacation at the Cape YAYYYYY) but have a great day and great 4th folks!!

Lets be rock stars!!

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One thought on “What is being mindful exactly?

  1. I have a very strong mindfulness practice and I find it has had a profound impact on my life. Yet I, too, have a friend who thinks of it as merely a “meaningless buzzword.” In the end, we can only embrace what works for us, and let others find their own path. Even if they are WRONG! LOL


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