Small changes can sometimes make the biggest difference.

Good afternoon peeps.  I have been a busy man this morning where we had a large and huge tree taken out of out front yard by some tree removal guys and had about 4 cups of coffee doing so, but I think as the process was going on, it really got me reflecting on where I wanted to go with the coffee talk today … better late than never right?

Here is what I was thinking about.  I was seeing how the trees that they were cutting in my yard were opening up sunlight and overall appearance of our yard and our property. Now, a large tree and some limbs might not make the largest difference in the grand scheme of things but when you look at it from afar you see such a stark difference from what it once was.

The yard looks brighter, more open, larger and less constricting.  This is important to take into consideration though because we can relate this to our health journey can’t we? I think that smallest little changes can really make the largest difference in our lives and in our journeys.

The problem is that we are afraid or apprehensive about making the changes that are needed to really move the needle because of things like self-doubt or insecurities or negativity.  So, remember that one small change can make the biggest difference and most of us have experienced this before but really didn’t see it happening in front of us.

Have you ever had about an inch taken off of your hair and felt like a new woman?  Havent you ever bought that outfit that was only one size smaller but that one size made all the difference in the world?  Have you ever bought new running shoes and felt like you could run a half marathon because of the small change to the shoes?

Dont sell your small changes short in your journey, they don’t have to be monumental or ginormous changes to make a difference in your life .. but what you DO need to do is to see them when they are happening.  Dont take them for granted when the small changes make a large difference.

Have a great Tuesday.

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