What is your “feeling good plan”?

Good morning my friends.  I am sitting here with my cuppa dark roast at my kitchen table looking out into my backyard on this cloudy and gray morning reflecting on a lot of things and hanging out with you is one of them where I am so grateful to be able to be around friendly and kind and like minded people.  So, a toast to you and whatever it is that you are drinking this morning.

You know I was feeling pretty good yesterday getting steps in and eating within my plan and interacting with others in a positive fashion.  It was one of those … I feel good kind of days.

Then, of course as I always do, I was refelcting on our journeys and how we all have good days and bad … and good weeks and bad and we always seem to look at the down days and weeks as things that we can lean in on to fix or plan for but how often do we look at the good days and take a mental note or inventory and reflect on WHY it went so well that day, or HOW it felt throughout the day, or what caused the euphoric feeling of being on point?

I dont feel that I do this as often as I should, I often look at the bad situations and try to fix what is going wrong but I do not park in how things were going well or how I got there.

So, today if you are having a bad day, then as you probably already are, take note and approach it in a way that will help you in the future and to stay ahead of the “spiral” now BUT even more importantly, if you are feeling GREAT today like you can conquer the world, then make sure you dig in even more to set yourself up in the future when times arent as easy and happy, what can cause you to feel more like you are in the “GREAT mode.

Have a great day today folks!!

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