What exactly is #throwbackthursday or #TBT?

Good morning all my fellow risers and shiners out there in front of your phones, tablets and computers!!  I hope your morning has started off on the right foot today (especially after having to think of 5 positive things about yourself yesterday .. which I told you some would have a hard time because we are so critical of ourselves) but I have my fresh brewed dark roast in the cup and am ready to take on the world.

Here is a funny thing, some people that read the posts when it comes to #flexfriday or #transformationtuesday or #flashbackfriday and some might think that people post their before and after photos for accolades or awards or some sort of ego boosting but there is so much more that goes into those posts and those photos than what it seems.

It is a way for people to get together to be inspired.  It is a way for people to show the POSSIBILITIES when you work hard or really focus on your goals.  It is a way to help others that might be struggling that need a boost to get over the “hump”.  It is a way for like minded individuals to build a bond and give the head nod and the “GOT YOU” stare to the other person.

There are so many reasons for doing this and when I first started this journey, I always felt like, I dont think I could ever be like some of these rockstars and achieve the great things that they have in their time (stinking thinking) but internally it also drove me and motivated me to get to where I am today.  I am not at goal quite yet but I am working it like it’s my job and getting there.

SO, today if you see someone post the before and after or share their reflection on this #throwbackthursday give ’em a BIGGER virtual hug or a HIGHER high five to celebrate in their success because it is sometimes pretty brave and nervous to put those moments of time up for all to see.

Have a great day today folks and let’s get after it!!

I also have a new Liquidshano1973 #coffeetalk shirt in blue and gray that I have out there for fundraising and to spread the word about the blog/NFLN.  Here is the link: http://www.bonfire.com/coffeetalk-campaign/

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