If someone was to ask you for five different things that you are proud of yourself for, would you be able to do it?

Good morning my fellow webbies out there in the land of data and internets.  I am relaxing here before two very long days ahead with a cup of dark roast with the trusty and go-to sugar free sweet italian cream creamer.

Today is going to be an ASSIGNMENT AMERICA.  I want you to without having to prepare anything, write down 5 things that you can compliment yourself on and truly mean it.  Then I want you to reflect on those things and really decide whether you truly feel that way or that is just one you could put on the paper to meet the requirements of the assignment?

Here is the reason I want to try to do this … when you feel down and depressed about everything you do or live, then you are setting yourself up for failure in the full degree.  I think that you need to park in the space where you are finding the strengths more than you are the weaknesses.  (the weaknesses are easy to find fifty of them in two seconds) but it is much harder to accentuate your strengths and your gifts.

Then I want you to either list all of those that you were able to list (if you were only able to get three or four then that is ok too, but list them in the comments on NFLN or here on the blog or on Connect.  Put your strengths out there for all to see and be proud of them.

I hope this can reframe a negative situation for you today to be able to attack it with positivity and a can-do mentality.

Have a great day and cant wait to see some of the comments on your strengths and what you are proud of!!

I have a campaign that I am starting to fundraise and to get the message out there about #coffeetalk and you can visit the first one just click here ( the only two choices for the first run is dark blue and gray) but will be putting another together with many summery colors and designs.

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