You only get one life: Stop putting off greatness.

Hola senors y senoritas out there in land of interwebs and connectivity!!  I hope your morning is starting off as good as mine … nothing special except that I woke up breathing and living and sipping this cup of coffee as the sun is cracking through the trees and my pup sits by my side.  Oh and the coffee is terrific (because my son made it for us last night so it is extra special).

You know, I was thinking about something yesterday and it has been ruminating in my brain ever since.  I have been thinking about the reasons why we feel we cannot achieve greatness.  When I saw the Warriors last night hoisting the trophy in the NBA finals last night (sorry Cavs fans) I saw players that KNEW that they were going to achieve greatness … they knew they had the ability, the harnessed that ability and the channeled that ability and achieved greatness of where they wanted to go and what to achieve.

Do you feel like you have the ability to achieve greatness?  Do you feel like you will accomplish all the things that you set out to do in life?  Do you feel like you have the potential to even reach higher pinnacles than even imagined and not just status quo?

These are questions I ask because I can almost promise you that as people read those comments they were thinking (well, I’m doing my best, or I can’t expect perfection so I don’t set myself up for failure, or I can only do what my body or mind lets me, or something else) if you want the straight skinny here with these comments, they are total EXCUSES.  You are giving yourself a pass to fail when you should EXPECT to be great and achieve amazing things no matter what or where you are in life.

Now, I know it is much easier said than done and I am no psychologist but I feel that is we can at least strive to get closer to the championship mentality like the Warriors or the Patriots or the Penguins … we can be that much closer to achieving greatness and NOTHING CAN HOLD US BACK.

But the question is, do you believe you can?

Have a great Tuesday folks!!

One thought on “You only get one life: Stop putting off greatness.

  1. I read a interesting article by Joshua Becker on the Becoming Minimalist blog that follows along your line of thought here. Long story short he wrote about a teenage boy who inspires him because every Sunday afternoon he sees the kid in the park exercising to prepare for football season. Lots of boys his age probably say they’d love to play for the NFL, but are they all out there somewhere practicing like this kid is? Moral of the story: “…a goal without action is not really a goal….reminding us that there is a big difference between saying you want something and actually working to make it happen.” And “…we prove what we desire most by our actions, not our words.”
    I keep a copy of the article in my planner and refer to it when I need a kick in the butt.

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