Does your list of things that make you happy and the things you actually do match?

Here we are heading into another week on all of our journeys and it is going to be a great and amazing day today.  I am chillaxing here with my dark roast BLACK today to make sure that even though the caffeine is the same in one with creamer and one with none, I FEEL like I am getting the extra boost that I need.

If you look at the image that is attached to this #coffeetalk, you will see an exercise that I had to do when I was in a workshop called servant leadership which was based on leadership that led and directed according to the needs of the people that work for them and incorporating inspirational methods to do so.

Anyway, the exercise is exactly as it says, Make a list of thing that make you happy, then make a list of things that you are doing each day in and out.  Then you are to compare the lists and if there are discrepancies you need to put a plan together to adjust and fix the list to even it out.

We talk about when the program “clicks” for some people and I feel as if it is when the people’s are happy about being on the plan and working it like its their job.  This is when we see the most movement in any situation actually is when we are doing something that we love and it doesnt seem as much of a chore.

If you look at what you are doing as a diet, then you will more than likely fail.  It is a fact, the catchphrase of if is a lifestyle is something that is important to look at and isnt just something that people say.  It is completely accurate to know that once you align your feelings for things that you love with the way you track, or the foods you make, or the exercise that you do, then you will connect the dots and it will all start to make sense.

I hope this helps you in your adventures and helps to realign if you were not calibrated.

Have a great day everyone!

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