Remember your first time bowling having to use the bumper rails?

Good morning all my hard working, successful tracking, motivated and focused peeps out there across the land.  I hope that you are as ready as I am to get this Tuesday going and getting after it.  I have my dark roast with a splash of SF French Vanilla and is is the elixir I need to get the day moving and shaking!

The wife and I took my son to bowling the other day where we were watching some of the kids bowling on some of the other lanes and had to put the little bumpers on the gutters to keep the ball in the middle-ish of the lane and not have them throw it in the gutter each time.

Do you remember that feeling?  Do you remember when you first started your journey here and how you basically had to do the same exact things by making strict guidelines on how you were going to track, and how to be vigilant in your focus, and how you needed structure and direction?

Why is that any different than now though?  I think that we sometimes become complacent with our journey because we are “comfortable” with the foods that we are eating and not tracking some things outside of the others because we “guesstimate” then we start to look at it as why am I not losing?  Why am I not being as successful as I once was and we may label it as a platueau when in all actuality it might just be lazy tracking.

The other day I saw a post that talked about how a friend would throw almonds in a bag “guesstimating” how many were going into the bag for the pre-prepping game he was rocking, then coming to realize that the portion was almost double what the serving size was and was double the points that he thought it was.

If you are struggling with your journey, whether with WW or anywhere, remember to get back to the basics and focus on what you are doing, you might be surprised how you need to readjust your unintended complacency.

Have a great day folks … lets rock this Tuesday like it’s nobody’s business.

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