DREAMS are just dreams until you make them a reality with GOALS and PLANS

Good morning everyone I hope your weekend was both reflective and wonderful. I know mine was spent with family and friends and was pretty great. I am now kicking off my short week with a piping hot cup of Josephine and it is pretty amazing, dark Guatemalan blend with a splash of sugar free Sweet Italian sweet cream.

So I wanted to chat about a deep and rich conversation I had with my son last night about achieving dreams. We talked about dreaming big and making sure that he continued to “fill his funnel” with big dreams and things he wanted to accomplish and nothing can hold him back and other good dad talk items. But then we went down the road of making dreams reality. About putting something in motion in making those dreams a reality by setting goals around them …

I then thought about us in our adulting journeys and this quote came up in my searches “Many people endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines. According to those definitions, a dream exists only in the mind while a goal exists in the mind but is planned and it has a determined deadline. The first step to create a goal is to have a clear vision of your dream.”
Not sure who that was that said it but it is pretty amazing and is so very true. You need both dreams and goals to succeed in this games but you can’t have one without the other.
I personally dream big but sometimes put nothing in motion to actually achieve it .. that is why I have to break it down into smaller bite sized chunks in goal setting because I then feel like I am gaining momentum like a snowball down a hill.
Think about this today when you look at your dreams you want to achieve … what is your plan to get there? Do you already have a plan in place and it is a smart and effective plan? Is it an achievable goal and achievable plan .. you can see where I am going with this and we could sit all day with this one.
Have a great Tuesday everyone putting your plans in place to achieve your dreams.

4 thoughts on “DREAMS are just dreams until you make them a reality with GOALS and PLANS

  1. Wow! What a great conversation and quote. One of my favorite quotes comes from Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit.” To me this is a reminder that we have to work towards our goals by trying to maintain standards that we set for ourselves, our version of excellence. And a reminder that doing something once does not mean we will achieve what we truly desire.

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    1. Lori, this is great and thank you for sharing your perspective and that quote … I think it is important to remember that it takes work … only .000001 percent of the population is it ever given to so if you incorporate that into the mix, then it will give one a true sense of what it takes to achieve greatness.

      Again, thank you for sharing.


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